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Backbench (2010). Five channel synchronized (1920x1080) HD video, sound, 47:05 min. Installation view Manifesta 8, Murcia, 2010. Set Design nOffice, Berlin.

Backbench, commissioned by Manifesta 8 in 2010, is a multi-channel video installation that reflects on the conditions and the production of cultural discourses, and the impact it generates on social, political, professional and individual levels. It was filmed over a four-day period in Murcia, Spain, and represents a heated discussion between four artist collectives from North America, Europe and North Africa, and two moderators. The work can be seen as an analysis of the intra spectrum of the artistic production set under particular circumstances that are arising from within the art system and their convergence into an internal discourse. Moreover it is about conditioning and disjunctions, nonfiction and bringing out the theatricality in not so everyday situations and tangible modes of production.